PHR Frequently Asked Questions

The page contains a list of the most frequently asked questions about the IHS Personal Health Record. Click a question below to display the answer.


Can I add information to my PHR?

This feature is not available at this time.

Can I grant others access to my PHR data?

Yes, you can grant others access to your PHR. Use the Manage my Accounts feature is used to add, change, or remove an others access to view your PHR data. Note: Before you can grant someone access to view your PHR data, they must register to use the PHR.

Can I see my health information from more than one clinic or hospital?

Yes, you can see your health information from more than one health care facility. When you log into the PHR, you will be asked to choose which facility’s information you would like to view.

Can I use the PHR on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, the PHR will adjust the size of your screen to fit your mobile device. The feature lets you view your health information using a common web browser.

Can I view all my family members’ health information from my PHR?

This feature is not available at this time. Each family member will need to have their own PHR account. Each family member will need to grant you access to view their PHR data.

Can a parent/guardian establish a PHR account for their minor child (18 years and under)?

No, the Privacy Act strictly prohibits parent/guardians from having direct access to a minor patient’s record. Parents/Guardians wanting to access patient’s health records can contact the HIM Office at their facility to follow an alternate process that meets the requirements set forth in the Privacy Act.

Can a minor (18 years and under) establish their own PHR account?

Currently a minor is not able to establish their own account. Minor patients wanting to access information in their health record can contact the HIM Office at their facility to follow an alternate process that meets the requirements set forth in the Privacy Act.

Can an emancipated minor create a PHR account?

Based on the Privacy Act regulation, PHR does not support minors (under 18 years of age) accessing the system. If you are a minor who holds an emancipation order, please bring a copy with you to the PHR Registrar to register your account along with one of the following documents to verify your identity: Driver's License or Government/State issued ID, Tribal Identification Card, or Employment Identification Card/Badge.

Do I need to accept the IHS Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions to access my PHR?

Yes, you must accept the IHS Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions to access your PHR.

How do I correct information in my IHS Medical Record?

You can change some information, such as your address and phone number, anytime at patient registration.
You will need to fill out a form to request a change about your health issues, allergies, or test results. Changes to your medical record must be made by your health care team.

To correct information in your IHS medical record, follow the instructions below to fill out the Request for Correction/Amendment of Protected Health Information (PHI) form.
  1. Please click here to download the form.
  2. Fill out the top part of the form.
  3. Sign and date the form in black ink.
  4. Take the form to your medical records department.
  5. You will be notified when your request is reviewed. This may take a couple of days.

For more detailed information, please refer to the second page of the form

How do I deactivate my PHR account?

If you want to deactivate or remove your PHR account, please contact your primary facility’s PHR registrar.

How do I recover my Username or Password?

Select the Forgot Username or Password link and follow the instructions on that page.

How do I sign up for my Personal Health Record?

Follow these instructions to sign up for your Personal Health Record.
  1. Go to
  2. Click the blue “Register to use PHR” button and create your PHR account by entering the requested information.
  3. Bring a valid form of identification to your primary health care facility to complete the PHR sign up.
  4. Go to and enter the username and password you created during sign up.

How do I change my PHR account password or update my PHR profile settings?

You can change your password and update your PHR profile settings by performing one of the following:
  • On the My Health Records page, click the Update my PHR profile settings and change my password link.
  • Select the My PHR Settings link at the bottom of page.

How often does my PHR get updated?

Your PHR is updated when your facility updates and sends your record to your PHR.
This is done at least once every 24 hours during business days.

How soon can I expect a response to my secure message?

Response times may vary depending on the message content and care team’s preferred method of responding.
Secure messages should only be used for your health information. If you are having an emergency, call 911.

Is my health information safe?

Yes, your health information is secure. You should use caution when viewing or downloading your health information on a shared or public computer.

Is the information in my PHR a complete medical record?

The information in your PHR is not a complete medical record. Some services, tests, and
medical advice that you have received at the facility may be marked as sensitive information.
To obtain a complete record of your medical record, contact your facility.

What can I do with my Personal Health Record?

The Personal Health Record allows you to do the following:
  • Access your health information when you want.
  • Look at your medications, health issues, lab results, historical information, and more.
  • Download, and print a copy of your health information.
  • Send an e-mail message to your health care team.
  • Verify that your medical record is correct.

What is the Personal Health Record?

The Personal Health Record (PHR) is a tool that lets you see your health information by using a common web browser and an internet connection on your computer or mobile device.

What is the difference between the logon page and the home page?

A logon page is the page that appears immediately after logon. This page will vary based on the user type. More about this can be found in the PHR Web Portal User’s Manual, which can be accessed from the Help link within PHR. All users have the My Health Records page as their homepage. This is the page you can access your account/s from. On occasion, you may need to click on Home twice to access the My Health Records page.

Why is my PHR account locked?

If you enter your PHR credentials incorrectly five times, your PHR account will be locked for security purposes.
To unlock your account, select the Forgot Username or Password link and follow the instruction on that page.

What are Secure Messages?

Secure messages allow you to send and receive personal information to your health care team securely.
When you send a secure message to your health care team, the message will be delivered to a designated agent at the facility.
The agent may share your message with your health care team.

How do I refill a prescription in PHR?

Prescriptions that were initially filled by a pharmacy at an IHS facility can be refilled through the IHS pharmacy network.
Request Refill buttons for all prescriptions can be found in the record of your latest outpatient visit, or latest update to a visit, to the prescribing facility.
  1. From your My Health Records page, search for and then select the latest visit, or the latest update to a visit, to the prescribing facility.
  2. On the Visit Information menu select Medications. Prescriptions that are eligible for refill will display a Request Refill link. Those that are not ready for refill will display Not Available Yet.
  3. Click Request Refill.
  4. Review the information on the Medication Refill Request form then click Submit or Cancel.
The Request Refill button will first display Pending and then At Pharmacy when your prescription information is received by the pharmacy.
Since PHR cannot tell when an individual prescription is filled, please call the pharmacy to confirm your prescription is ready for pickup.
Note: Only the patient may request a prescription refill. A Patient's Personal Representative is not authorized to request refills on behalf of a patient.